MPact 2025 + SERU Measures

MPact 2025 Goals: 

  1. Recruit and retain diverse talent.
  2. Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive campus climate.
  3. Advance understanding and nurture enduring partnerships. 

MPact 2025 Maroon/Gold Measure: 

  • Measure and address annual climate survey data

Survey Data

On a scale, select your agreement with the following statement: "I feel that I belong at the University of Minnesota"


MPact 2025 Goals:

  1. Increase high-impact discovery and scholarship
  2. Drive creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Engage and impact Minnesota at world-class levels.

MPact 2025 Maroon/Gold Measure:

  • Increase undergraduate research opportunities

Survey Data

Reported based on if a student responded 'Yes' to any of the following questions (if a student responded Yes to more than one, they are still only counted once):

  • Assist faculty in conducting research
  • Assist faculty with their creative project
  • Conduct own research/creative project with faculty guidance/supervision