3 students talking with gradSERU logo and text, "Every student has a voice."

What is gradSERU?

gradSERU, which stands for the “Student Experience in the Research University,” is the only comprehensive survey of graduate and professional students at the University of Minnesota. This survey provides a powerful way for students to tell us about what’s working well, and what not so well, in classrooms, labs, and campus life.

The University of Minnesota takes the results seriously in order to enhance programs and curricula, improve student services and policies, strengthen research and scholarship opportunities, and ensure a vibrant and supportive environment for all students.

To ensure confidentiality, gradSERU is being hosted by the Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC). Neither the University of Minnesota Graduate School nor colleges/programs have access to identifiable response data. To verify eligibility, students are required to log-in to the survey using their Student ID number.

gradSERU Contact Information

Daniel White-Jones, gradSERU Research & Development Director: djwhite@umn.edu