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What is gradSERU?

The SERU Consortium has developed a new SERU Graduate Student Survey (gradSERU) reflecting the importance of understanding and seeking improvements in graduate education in an era of increased global competition for talent. The purpose of the gradSERU Survey and Consortium membership is to: 

  • Collaborate in collecting survey data on the background and experiences of doctoral, master’s, and graduate professional students and the outcomes of attending top-tier research-intensive universities in the US, Europe, and throughout the world. 
  • Share best practices and SERU data among member universities under agreed protocols. 
  • Promote and support the systematic use by the Consortium members of data and analysis as tools for policy and scholarly relevant research and institutional self-improvement. 
  • Develop research collaborations and conduct studies related to the student experience. 
  • Provide a global network of peer universities with similar challenges as goals.

The SERU Consortium launched the gradSERU Survey in the late 2014, with a pilot administration at the University of Virginia, the University of Minnesota, and later in fall 2015 at the Higher School of Economics – Moscow. The initial design was for doctoral students, but the survey instrument was updated to include masters and professional students. 

SERU Consortium researchers anticipate recruiting current and new SERU members for a gradSERU Survey administration with at least six campuses in 2016-17, including universities in the US and in Europe.

In 2016-17, AAU institutions and European top universities are the initial target group for the gradSERU Survey administration, but the Consortium researchers are open to expanding campus participation to other parts of the world (see listing of contacts to query for more information).

gradSERU Contact Information

For gradSERU AAU:
Daniel White-Jones, gradSERU Research & Development Director:

For gradSERU International:
Igor Chirikov, SERU-International Managing Director: