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Promotional Material

2015 Promotional Material and Communication Plan 

Survey data becomes increasingly useful to staff, faculty, and administrators as more students respond to items on the survey. By increasing the numbers of students who respond to the survey, we can also begin to learn more about specific populations of students and their experiences; therefore, a higher response rate allows stakeholders to gain a more detailed and increasingly accurate picture of students’ experiences at UMNTC.

Promotional Material:

If you are interested in promoting the SERU survey in your unit, department, or college, we have several examples you can use in your promotion efforts:

Communication Plan:

Bookmarks will be distributed in the campus libraries, in the Coffman Union bookstore, and within various offices on campus. When the survey launches on March 23, students will be invited to take the SERU survey from their college Deans. Reminder emails to non-responders from MSA President, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Danita Brown Young, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Robert McMaster, Undergraduate College Deans/Associate Deans, Academic Advisers, and other staff across campus will occur throughout the spring semester.