Survey Results User Agreement

In order to gain access to the SERU online results, you must agree to the University of Minnesota Appropriate Use Agreement and agree to use data and reports according to the relevant University policies (even if you do not personally have access to private data and intend to use only the public data). If you do not agree to abide by University policy, you will not be allowed into the site. 

As a member of the University community, you are granted access to information technology resources to facilitate your University-related academic, research, and job activities. The Regents Policy on Academic Freedom extends to information resources that are available electronically. By using these resources you agree to abide by all relevant University of Minnesota policies and procedures, as well as all federal, state, and local laws. You have rights and responsibilities related to University information/data, systems and resources, which includes liability related to acceptable use, personal communications, privacy, and security issues.

The Internal Access to and Sharing University Information Policy applies to any and all information the University has, regardless of who created it or how it is distributed or maintained. The Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy describes how systems resources are managed to ensure their integrity, security, and availability for appropriate educational and business activities. The policy includes User Rights and Responsibilities and a policy violation may result in loss of access privileges, University disciplinary action, and/or legal action. Reporting and Notifying Individuals of Information Security Breaches: you must report suspected information security breaches of University data to University Information Security ([email protected]). To report suspected security breaches confidentially, use the University Confidential Reporting Service for the University of Minnesota.